Celebrate Your Life — Biographies and Book Design

For Rich du Moulin and his family, his father's autobiography is a continuing source of enjoyment.
Photograph by Gary Spector

 “...Austin Metze’s fantastic design and production of the book make it a pleasure to pick up again and again”.

—Rich du Moulin 

Celebrating an Accomplished Life


My Life Cover book design sailing america's cupThere’s a certain satisfaction in having lived an accomplished life that is often accompanied by a desire to share what you have learned, achieved, overcome, or mastered. Small moments can become poignantly amplified once recollected. Larger events are not only learning opportunities for family, friends, and colleagues, but milestones to be savored again and again. An accomplished life remembered is a treasure for those left behind, providing thought-provoking memories that entertain and inspire appreciation every day. A fully customized biographical treatment in words and photos collected, collated, and designed by Austin Metze of Metze Design, would be a most fitting tribute to an accomplished life.

Perhaps you have already been quietly at work making notes, drafting an outline, or beginning to write your story. If so, we can help you bring that effort to fruition. 

Another option is for you to work with one or our writers — heading up our team is Roger Vaughan, a former LIFE staffer — who will interview you. We would assign one of our photographers to document you at work and play. 

In either case, Austin Metze, a former Time & Life art director will design a book that can range from a hard-bound pictorial of 50 pages to a longer biography.


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Spector 2Sample Layouts

Clockwise from top left, photographs by: Jennifer May; Gary Spector; Gary Spector, Pall Rao


Presentation Box

One bound book will be presented to the subject of the bio in a handmade presentation box finished in an elegantly textured fabric.

Brooke Merrill Tinney, Bookbinder