Storage Solutions For Newly Printed Books

How Books Are Designed and Printed?

Books get written by authors and some can go on to be published. Illustrators design the covers and artwork. But how are books made? This process is completed in a few steps. The process starts with the printing metal plates. A coating that accepts ink is applied on the plates. Then these plates are passed through a laser printer where images of the book's pages are etched on the coating. The plates are transferred to the cylinder that prints the image on the paper. Large printing machines are used to print the books. Once the books are printing they will need to be stored on large industrial racking systems before being shipped out to retails and suppliers. 

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Now some printing companies use digital printing methods to print the books faster and on demand. Once the inner contents have been printed, the book's cover is printed. A bindery machine is used to bind the book. In case of colour printing, multiple printing units with different colour inks for the same image run through the press. The book printing machines operate very fast and can print hundreds of books within a week.

Book Storage Systems

The book printing companies need proper storage systems to store the newly printed books. The books may not be packed in the boxes immediately after printing. The printer waits until all the required books have been printed. During this time, the printed books must be stored efficiently. They cannot be stored on the floor or stacked one over another haphazardly. It can damage the cover and even the book. Proper storage systems designed especially for storing books of different sizes are the best solution for these companies. The right shelving system for book storage is a necessity at such a place.

Well-built Bookshelves

These can withstand the regular use pressure at the printing press without any problem. They are designed with sturdy steel and engineered to perfection. The shelves are manufactured for durability and reliability. Many of these storage systems can be configured for special size books or to store books in certain ways. The storage systems come with different accessories, organising aids and customised end panels. The shelves help store the books in a safe and secure condition before they are packed in corrugated boxes and shipped to their destinations.

Advantages of Storage Racks for Holding Books

These storage racking systems are made with strong steel metal. They are designed to offer maximum strength, reliability and durability. They can withstand the pressure and stress caused by the weight of the books. The racks can store only a certain number of books so it is not possible to overload them. They are suitable for all printing presses where books are printed in large numbers.

These printers need effective storage solutions to store the books before shipping. The metal racks generally come with lifetime warranty with certain conditions. Check these conditions before buying your storage racks for storing newly printed books at your printing press.
Most book printing companies prefer the steel shelves that offer maximum strength with minimum profile. These units are available in different sizes and styles for different applications. Bigger printing presses that print hundreds or even thousands of books at a time need more such racks to store the books after printing. These racks help store the books in a safe and secure condition. The book, its cover and all other parts remain in good condition with this simple storage solution.