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Having a book about your life isn't just a dream.
We can make it happen!


Leave Your Mark

Maybe you have that manuscript of your story half written, tucked away in a drawer. That would provide a good start. At the very least you will have a collection of photographs from your past.
   We will send in a photographer and writer – one of our writers is Roger Vaughan, a former LIFE staffer – to spend a day or two photographing and interviewing you at work and play.
   Then Austin Metze, former Time-Life staffer, will design a publication ranging from a soft-bound picture story of 32 pages to a full-length book about your life, and print as many copies as you wish. It would also be produced as a digital e-book, and as a DVD.
   The story of your life and accomplishments is a great thing to share with family and friends – a legacy that will inform and inspire them, and bring them closer.